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Our Story

We live in a culture of the HUSTLE. We celebrate those who push themselves to the limits. We idolize those who put in the work every single day, non-stop.

But the endless grind can leave you mentally and physically exhausted. Do you quit then? No.



Now, imaging something that bring comfort and eliminate stiffness and soreness in your daily life, both physically and mentally while helps you to excel in your daily performance, whether it is work or life. We are here for you.

Quality above all

At BOOSTER, our goals is to provide the opportunity to live a fit and healthy good lifestyle. We believe that no matter what dreams you are chasing, taking good care of your physical body helps you to strive for the best. 

We understand that with the hectic lifestyle and busy schedule, many of us don’t get the opportunity to have a full schedule of gym workout or exercise, let alone your workstation at your office were already uncomfortable. 

Our product are here to help you to relieve your pain in your lifestyle and your work.

Massage Gun
Ingrem Workstation

Venturing into new industry

Our vision has always been to create much more than massage gun. The vision evolved into an immersive workstation that is made for our new digital world. Today, BOOSTER is the innovation leader with 6 patents and 10 patents pending. From patented welded steel subframes to designs that stir the soul, you’ll always find BOOSTER engineers pushing boundaries.

You spend the time and efforts building your career from the ground up — why settle on a cookie-cutter desk? Build the ultimate workstation with different customize combinations just waiting to be crafted into the ultimate loot: a rig that’s stylized just for you. People needs the right gear to be lethal, work is no exception. 

After 2 years of R&D efforts, we are finally proud to announce our G-Dragon luxury workstation.

Definitely a one of a kind that you will not find elsewhere. With unmatched functions that combined ergonomic, gaming and work into one system.

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