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Best Value Massage Gun in Australia

Our newest product, BOOSTER ELITE are equipped with SmoothDrive™ Technology as well as superior pressure sensors, AI chipset and brushless motor, your body will instantly recover better and quicker with our BOOSTER Massage Gun.

Our unique technology lets you take the lead in your live..

Up to 24 hrs

Battery Life

Up to 14mm

Stroke Amplitude

Booster Massage Gun™ - Medical Percussion Massage Therapy Gun​

Booster Elite with box and attachments

Tackle your pain, Speed up your recovery.

Reduce tension, increase blood flow, break up scar tissue, speed up rehab and more. Pro athletes choose Booster Gun for quick recovery and to reduce muscle tension so they can strive for the best on the field.


Fitter. Faster. Stronger.

A massage gun like no other, BOOSTER standy aside with our product. We believe that the quality of our product against the mass competition on the market. That's why we are the only seller in Australia with actual storefront.

BOOSTER SmoothDrive™ Technology

The motor behind our quietest device ever

We leveraged advanced sound insulation around our proprietary brushless motor and pressure sensor with SmoothDrive™ Technology to create the quietest yet best experience possible in the market.


Booster is BETTER STRONGER CHEAPER when compare to Theragun


  • 8 massage attachments
  • 11-13 hours battery life (660-780minute) on highest setting and 24 hours battery life (1440 minute)on lowest setting.
  • 23 kgs no-stall force
  • 7 speed setting, up to 3200rpm
  • Amplitude 14mm
  • Built-in Pressure control system


  • 5 massage attachments
  • 2 hours battery life(120 minute)
  • 18 kgs no-stall force
  • 5 speed setting, up to 2400rpm
  • Amplitude 16mm
  • Built-in Bluetooth


1 %
Quieter Motor

Than the average massage gun on the market could offered

1 %
Stronger Stall Force

When compare to brands like Healsage, Aerorecovery, SteadyState, Revitalgun and Hypervolt

0 X
Battery life

VS other massage gun on the market


We used quality parts and take extra precaution to prevent short circuit from happening. Unless you're using the wrong charger or an unfit extension plug.


Our Massage Gun are design to keep the battery safe by preventing overcharged. If any attempt of overcharged happened. The battery will be disarm for charges.



The device are specially designed with vent and internal fan to ensure all heat that generate from the operation of the machine gets out safely and avoid overheating.


Engineered for safety, if using any power outlet that are too powerful for the charging adapter to charge the device, the charger will automatically switch to the lowest current to prevent an overcurrent from happening.

Quality above all.​

The BOOSTER Massage Gun has been custom designed by Australian Engineers to last a lifetime and surpass any other Massage Gun on the market. Featuring our all new BOOSTER© SmoothDrive Technology developed from USA, the BOOSTER Massage Gun Machine is ahead of the industry with proven results.

Our newest product, the BOOSTER Elite, is equipped with 75 Watts of Power (The most powerful Massage Gun we’ve ever offered) 14mm massage amplitude with delivery depth up to 95mm into muscle, 23kg delivery stroke power and 4800MaH battery power with the BOOSTER Elite™ along with our all new SmoothDrive™ brushless DC High Output motor which operates at Double the Strength and Power of any counterpart, the BOOSTER Elite™ offers more Powerful massage, longer lasting battery life and a minimal Noise than any massage gun on the market could offered.


Most frequent questions and answers

Unlike majority of Massage Gun on the Australian market which dropship from Aliexpress or Ebay, we manufacture our own product straight from our own factory and had local stock and retail store in Australia. 

With production capacity to produce up to 2,000 device per day. We hand-picked the best suppliers, from Japan made brushless motor to Samsung battery and American developed Chipset. Along with our own in house newest BOOSTER technology smart pressure sensor. Just so that you can be assured that we are in total control of our product quality.

We are also partner with over 50+ redistributor and reseller on variance countries and platform. With 16 different trademark and patent registered in USA and AUSTRALIA, ranking us the best massage gun brand on the US and AU market.

While some products may bear superficial similarities to BOOSTER Massage Gun, they are not the same product to the best of our knowledge. We produce our own Massage Gun and Workstation(Previously Massage Chair) directly at our factory and with trusted suppliers and have issued several exclusive distribution rights for the BOOSTER Massage Gun throughout the world with its distinctive suite of specifications and features.

If you see products that may look similar to BOOSTER, you should not expect to receive the same specifications and features. Take care to check if the specifications, such as for the motor and battery, meet your expectations and that your device is covered by a local warranty, before you make any purchase as majority of those product are over claiming their features.

We are the only official store in Oceania region, while there might be plenty of redistributor and third party seller. We do not guarantee warranty or replica product that are sold with third party seller and unauthorized reseller.

Depend on your chosen model

Speed: Up to 3600RPM

Up to 8 swappable attachment heads 

Aerospace-grade aluminium casing/ Industrial ABS casing.

40-55db sound output

Smart AI safety chip

Pressure sensor control chipset and technology

Nano-scale silicone grip handle

Up to 24 hour battery life

Stall power: 40lbs-60lbs

Our BOOSTER comes with a 2-pin AC Adaptor (Australia and New Zealand Plug) that are certified and meets ANZ standard. Unlike major of the competitor which dropship product from China and provide a international adaptor for you Massage Gun which possess a risk of electrical shock and fire.

Input: 100 – 240VAC (1A Max).
Output: DC16.8V/25.2V

Glad that you asked! We do have a physical store located at Robina Town Centre Drive Shopping Mall at Gold Coast, Australia.
Unlike majority of massage gun seller on the market, we trust the quality of our BOOSTER Massage gun and we guarantee for those who tried it will love our product. 
Our BOOSTER Massage Gun speak for themselves, that’s why we dare to showcase it onsite for trial unlike majority of the sellers that just operating solely online and getting lots of embarrassing moment with their over-promising and disappointing product which had a return & refund of product rate over 30% in a average span of 12 months as well as couple of lawsuit from the ACCC.
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