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The longest lasting battery and best massage gun therapy on the market


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Samsung Battery

4800 mAh Samsung Battery, longest battery life massage gun on the market.

Pressure sensor

All new BOOSTER pressure sensor technology, say goodbye to over pressure massage!


Improvised japan brush-less motor, emitting the least noticeable noise output when in operation.


The newest and most advanced smart monitor control. Only in BOOSTER Massage Gun.

Strongest massage gun in australia

The longest operating hours and premium battery life ensure superior therapeutic sessions. It features a SmoothDrive pressure sensor technology and brushless bi-powered motor. The all-new Booster Elite is equipped with unparalleled features which include a 7-speed gear shift, 14mm stroke depth, 23kg stroke strength 4800mAH lithium battery, and 8 different massage heads. The initial speed levels provide instant muscle relaxation and activation whereas the higher speed levels ensure a deep-tissue massage gun therapy.

The longest lasting massage gun

We know how frustration of batteries that seem to only last five minutes (and ladies definitely understand us here! ), that’s why the BOOSTER ELITE Massage Gun will last up to 24 hours on a single charge meaning that It’s ready to go when you are and last longer when thrusting!

Trust us in our massage gun therapy and it could thrust you better than anyone ever gave to you.


Say goodbye to traditional dull massage device that are outdated. Not only all of our massage gun are equipped with the American developed smart chipset to monitoring timer, now the BOOSTER Elite comes with our own AI chipset that monitor the pressure applied and adjust the motor output automatically to prevent injuries or overmassage.

No more over massage and over pressuring your already sore muscle and joints with our all new BOOSTER Smoothdrive Pressure Sensor control chipset.

Feels like
closing your eyes

As a result of extensive research  and development into harmonics and percussion delivery, we have revolutionised the Massage Gun industry with our new BOOSTER ELITE with SmoothDrive technology. By using , we are optimising the harmonic delivery of each stroke ensuring that you’re getting the relief you deserve!

Relief yourself after a long day of work or extensive workout to help you to ease your pain and aches with our BOOSTER Massage Gun Therapy.

Shift through the 7 levels of speed to find the perfect power delivery for how you feel! Featuring an easy to use control button, using the BOOSTER ELITE is as simple as can be!

supporting athlete since 2016

Founded in 2016, our believe pain is just a process and we put innovation into our company DNA. 

For over 4 years we have been coaching people to be the best that they can be, we’ve learnt while talent plays a part in the success of an athlete, it’s the hard work and consistency that determines the outcome.

We improvise, adapt, overcome and develop product that are getting better and stronger. Yet retaining our dreams to be constantly bringing out creative product that are designed for performance.




Join us this summer to get rid of the pain.

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